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Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart are so drift compatible that they’ve probably been piloting a jaeger for years and we just don’t know about it.

The kaiju gave up trying to invade because every time they’d start, Mithrandir Frontier would kick the shit out of them before they were done emerging from the rift.

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A while ago I made superhero capes for my guinea pigs. We have Toni (Iron Pig), Pepper (Captain Ameripig), River (Batpig), and Lizzie (Thor, Pig of Thunder).

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A draw-ring based on a lady character that rockpaperscissorsglue designed. I am coloring it but it is being sort of a butt. >:C

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moms are great

she also showed me a picture of him on her phone

because moms

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give yourself over to the wolf. let it eat the parts of you that are sick, that are damaged beyond salvage. let the wolf in and let it clean house, and let it leave again. the wolf knows which parts must be swallowed. you do not need what it takes, and where it bites you the wounds will heal. let the wolf in and let it eat you, and let it leave again.  

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My favourite character designs from Monster Hunter Illustrations Vol. 2 (2013), a 400 page art book featuring a crap-load of creature, character, armour and weapon designs. The armour designs are so detailed and varied in cultural influences. Non-stop inspiration in this book.

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